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Jascha Hoffman is a singer and songwriter in Brooklyn.


Drawing on his background in journalism, Jascha's albums mine dark themes to produce subtle and bittersweet songs from indie folk to pop. With a lyrical voice that has been compared to masters like Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen, Jascha writes intimate songs packed with "language that lets us see humans at their most human."

Born in Massachusetts and raised in California, Jascha has long felt that if he could pull together the right music and words, some mystery would be revealed. His 2015 album The Afterneath was inspired by the obituaries section of the New York Times, for which he once wrote, and praised in American Songwriter as “a remarkable album and great achievement” for its "poignant testaments to the human spirit.” His early records, A Cure for Sleep (2010) and The Future Limited (2012), have been described as “deceptively simple, deeply weird” and “Leonard Cohen without the attitude.”

As an improviser and teacher, Jascha has found that the human voice holds a strong connection to body, heart and spirit. His concerts are intimate experiences where he pulls new songs from the air and audiences are invited to join together in song. He is a founding member of Moving Star, a vocal laboratory at Carnegie Hall, and Sounding NYC, which brings spontaneous singing to resonant public spaces. A devoted student of master improviser Rhiannon, Jascha has taught singers to improvise around the world, including life-changing collaborative work with Música do Círculo in Brazil.

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