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  • Oct 12

    Song-a-Month Club on Patreon!

    Friends! I have a little invitation for you. After three studio albums, I’m settling into a new pace of songwriting. Now I’m ready to share a *new song every month*!

    Call it obsession, call it madness, call it a crazy little vulnerable experiment. Whatever you call it, it’s my new *Song-of-the-Month Club* on Patreon, and you can join here:


    This fall, I’ll be starting with songs from *The Weather*, an album of love songs set against end-of-the-world scenarios. After that, the club will continue, with a new song every … damn … month!

    When you join, you’ll get early access to these songs and videos. There are some awesome rewards, and a portion of donations will go to non-profits. But that’s not the main point.

    The real point is just to let music connect us. I’ve seen it happen in circles of singers. Now, I hope you’ll join me in this online musical exchange, so we can travel together in song.