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  • Praise for The Afterneath:

    Featured on The Takeaway, a nationwide public radio program by WNYC and the New York Times.

    “These are obits and homages without sentimentality, very simple, and … they have more power as a result of that.” —John Hockenberry, The Takeaway 


    Praise for The Future Limited:

    “Jascha has a way with melody and atmosphere.” — Baxter Labatos

    “Really like your words.” — Imogen Heap

    “I am currently an unmanned aerial vehicle pilot on contract in Afghanistan. Some of your songs have been making into the playlist I fly to.” – Paul


    Praise for the “Limited” video:

    “If you like electro-emo tunes ala The Postal Service, and you know that one day you’ll marry a robot, then this is the love song for you.” -Annalee Newitz, i09

    “In the tradition of The Shining re-cut to look like an uplifting comedy, comes this music video, which repurposes scenes from several movies…to tell the story of a misunderstood computer that accidentally hurts the ones it loves.” — Maggie Koerth-Baker, Boing Boing

    “John Pavlus’s video for Jascha Hoffman’s “Limited” combines clips from TRON, 2001, Moon, WarGames and Robocop to create a new, impressionistic narrative.” – Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, The Atlantic

    “‘Limited’ … may just take us a step closer to answering the old question: Do androids dream of electronica? The song is catchy.” – David Wharton, Giant Freakin Robot



    Praise for the “Some Hungry Guy” video:

    “Experimental animation is always ripe territory for a music video, as S.F. indie-pop songwriter Jascha Hoffman demonstrates with his new clip … to illustrate this quiet, dreamy song. It’s an interesting concept well-executed, and suits the childlike innocence in Hoffman’s voice and the delicate song perfectly.” – Ian Port, SF Weekly

    “Filmmaker Benjamin Ahr Harrison and singer-songwriter Jascha Hoffman created this music video by animating still images from Winsor McCay’s famous Little Nemo comic strip, which is now in the public domain.” – Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, The Atlantic

    “Harrison had to work some Photoshop magic on the tiny panels to get them to scale up to HD resolution, which resulted in what he calls a “watercolor look” that fits Hoffman’s plaintive, dreamy vocals perfectly.” – John Pavlus, Fast.Co Design

    “I like this Winsor McCay/Little Nemo-inspired music video.” – Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing



    Praise for A Cure for Sleep:

    Folk-pop, down-tempo philosophical musing, romantic longing and infectious harmonies all find their place on A Cure for Sleep, by San Francisco musician Jascha vs. Jascha. … The album is enhanced by beautiful string arrangements, and backing vocals, drums, bass, guitars and percussion by Bay Area artist Jesse Olsen.  —Shauna Keddy, The Deli Magazine

    “Soft and pretty, a little folk and a little classic pop, A Cure for Sleep sounds like the Beatles and the Chieftans gene-spliced together with introspective lyrics based on a vivid dream. Apparently, singer-songwriter Jascha moved to San Francisco to record this album — a good decision, seeing how it turned out.” —Kirsty Evans, East Bay Express



    Our latest Monthly Mix episode of the weekly podcast includes music from eight Bay Area bands. Jascha Vs Jascha (“Corydon”) is the project of SF songwriter Jascha Hoffman. His debut album, A Cure for Sleep, is out now.” —The Bay Bridged, Podcast #215, May 2010

    “Jascha Hoffman’s music will haunt your ear, mind and heart with its soulful, mournful melodies and lyrics. This is Leonard Cohen without the attitude and with lots more space and grace.”—Norman Fischer, Everyday Zen Foundation

    “Deceptively simple, deeply weird pop songs. Bright, sweet and salty all at once, like bacon wrapped around cantaloupe.” — Alicia Jo Rabins, Girls in Trouble